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What’s a Yinlips?

In my search for products to import, I came across a company called Yinlips. To my western ears, the name sounds a bit odd, but the products are nothing but cool. The product I went to see is called the YDGP18A and is a 5″ android tablet that looks similar to a PSP. I’m a big fan of retro gaming and whenever I come across a machine capable of running emulators, I get pretty excited. I won’t bore you with the specifics of the specs, you can browse over to for full product details, but suffice it to say the machine is pretty impressive for it’s size and cost.

The Yinlips factory is located in a high tech park in NanShan district of Shenzhen. My taxi had quite a bit of trouble locating the factory, but I’ve come up with a system for helping them out. Taxi drivers here don’t seem to try and extract information from you since they know you don’t speak english. If I see a taxi driver a bit confused, I just call the place in question and hand him the phone. This has proved successful the 3 times I’ve tried it. I would recommend anyone traveling in asia without a guide subscribe to cellular service with internet. It has been a real life saver many times.

Upon arriving at the factory I was greeted by Yolanda, a very lovely yinlips employee. Yolanda showed me into the product display room. What a nicely designed room. What struck me most was just how many different products yinlips has made. There were many game players that didn’t use android of many many different shapes and sizes. Yinlips has also started producing some nice looking tablets.

Yolanda gave me a product tour and let me play with the YDGP18 and 18a. The 18A has a capacitive 5 point touch screen and it’s worth every penny of the upgraded price. The response was crisp and instant. Games like angry birds and fruit ninja played as well as they do on my ipad. 1080p movies played without delay and the sound was alright considering the units size.

I have to add a few negative points about the unit, the buttons are a bit clicky and the d-pad is four separate buttons, making it feel different from most standard controllers. Also the buttons sound a bit clicky, but really that’s all I noticed at first glance. I did leave with a sample unit so I’ll be sure to give more of my thoughts later.

I also got to try the unit with Android 4.0 and it was very responsive. I’m really excited to get my unit upgraded when I next get to a PC. The only other android 4 device I’ve tried was a samsung galaxy, and the responsiveness in the finder seemed comparable. Loading times for games seemed very good and there is a pretty neat integrated game launcher allowing you to choose from many retro game systems.

I’m not really in the market for tablets, but one new product that did catch my eye was a 5″ android 4.0 phone. I haven’t played with it much, but I think it has real potential. I picked one up and will update you on it’s features when I get a copy of the spec sheet.

After playing around with the games, I was treated to a tour of the production are. The production area is all on one floor and has areas for initial component testing, mechanical assembly, software installation and final QA. Most workers had the day off today so I didn’t see the factory at full capacity, but there were units in production and got sense of how efficient and professional the factory is.

Before leaving I noticed a 7″ demo unit of a new games player in the display room. Yolanda told me it is a new model due to come out in a few weeks! More exciting games systems to come. I’m hoping to be able to get one of the first units off the production line if they are finished before next weekend. I’m told the specs are similar to the JDGP18A but with a redesigned case and larger screen. I would say it looks similar to the JXDS7100, but with shoulder buttons and a much smoother case. Also the JXD is very slow and I’ve never really been happy with it. I think it’s a doomed product to die a slow death of many bugs, no fixes and barely adequate hardware.

I would like to thank Yolanda for her great hospitality at the factory today. I look forward to seeing more great games players from yinlips in the future. Maybe they can come out with a unit with analog sticks?

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